#20 Fear

I am happy to share the first English episode of my podcast „Nachtspaziergang“ with you. I am currently living in the Bay area during my stay at UC Berkeley and feel it is appropriate, to make the stretch and share some of my thoughts with my English-speaking friends, too.

And I start with a very big and heavy topic that helps and guides us, if we need it, and blocks and manipulates us, if we don’t watch out. I am talking about fear (hence the headline of this article). We tend to be scared about many things – actual threats or risky situations, but also social encounters, big tasks at work, a loved one being sick, or diffuse situations such as a health pandemic. All of these fears have in common, that they (a) teach us something about what is important to us, (b) what we think ourselves to be (un)capable of, and (c) that they pass – many of them even without the worst to happen.

In this episode, I think about that more profoundly along with my own experience with having COVID and other current encounters with fear. I am excited to hear, what you think – about fear, coping with it, and this podcast in general. So don’t hesitate to reach out! I am looking forward to your feedback.

You can listen to the episode here, on podbean or wherever you regularly consume your podcasts.

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